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Our wooden figures are available in different finishes or finishes. These describe the different surface treatments of the finished carved figure. More or less all models and to some extent all sizes are available in all finishes. If there is no indication in the price list, a quotation for a special finish can be requested at any time.


Statues carved in maple wood for the smaller sizes and in linden wood for the greater measures, beginning from 50 cm. The surface is carefully worked and finished in all the details.
The surface is generally not dealt.
This finishing is indicated for indoor exhibit.
For outside it is possible to demand to apply cooked linen oil or wax, that shields the wood from outside influences.


On the statue in natural wood there is applied a stain for wood, which is an ink made up with water and wax. You can choose out of different colors.
The surface is slightly abraded in order to get some shadings on the statue. After that the statue is waxed then slightly polished.
Normally this finish comes supplied with a medium color like on the picture, but upon request we can also apply darker or lighter colors.

stain 3 shades

To the statue in natural wood there is applied three various stain tonalities. Wood stain is an ink made up of water and wax.
The surface is slightly abraded in order to get some shadings on the statue.
After that the statue is waxed then slightly polished.
At the end, according to the subject, there will be a decoration with gold and/or silver on some details and the edges of the garments.


The precisely carved statue is decorated with oil paint, gold and silver leaf.
The colors are fixed with a varnish in order to maintain the brilliance of the same ones over the time.

pure gold ancient

On the roundwood statue we apply various thin chalk layers in order to get a craquelé effect, that means small cracks on the surface.
The next step is the gilding with real gold leaf and successively the painting with colors produced from valuable pigments.
This high handicraft virtuosity of painting technique is the result of centennial painting tradition.

pure gold

On the roundwood statue the master painter applies a very thin chalk bottom to proceed then to the gilding with real gold leafs and successively to the painting with colors produced from valuable pigments.

Crib figures

With the following example we woukd like to help you to choose the right size of the figures.

The size in cm is a scale and refers always to the largest, standing figure of a crib, which in most cases is St. Jospeh. All other figures are proportional to this.
for example if you will want to order a sheep or a camel, select the size of your Jospeh figure. When the Jospeh figure has a height of 10cm, than you must choose also 10 cm for sheeps.
If you have questions, our service team will be pleased to provide you with expert information via live chat, email or phone.

Standing figures

In the case of standing figures, the given size corresponds to the actual height, measured from the ground to the highest point of the head. This also applies if a part of the figure is higher than the head.

Hanging figures

This also applies if, for example, a part of the figure is higher than the head.


For our crosses we indicated 2 varitys of measurements. The dimension is then indicated, for example, in 50/100. /100 angegeben. The first dimension "50" shows the size of the corpus, the second dimension, in this case "100" shows the lenght of the crossbar.
Wood is not only one of the most beautiful, noble and precious raw materials, but also one of the oldest and most important materials of mankind. Wood lives and breathes, is versatile, varied, radiates cosy warmth and comfort. We use various coniferous and deciduous woods to make our wooden figures. The most important of these are maple, lime and Swiss stone pine.

Maple wood

The wood of the mountain maple is one of the most valuable deciduous woods. It is yellowish white to white in colour and belongs to the hardwoods. Maple is mainly used for smaller wooden figures up to 40 centimetres in size. The smooth surfaces are sanded by hand, details such as faces, hands, etc. are carved out finely.

Lime wood

Linden wood is also a hardwood species, but belongs to the softwood species: for this reason it is a good sawn timber. It is yellowish in colour and darkens slightly. The big advantage of lime wood is that it is relatively knot-free.

pine tree

pine wood, on the other hand, contains quite a lot of knots; it is a softwood species and, like lime wood, belongs to the group of softwoods. It is even softer than lime wood, grows at higher altitudes up to more than 2,000 metres and is therefore regarded as a noble wood. The colour is yellowish to reddish and darkens strongly; it also exudes a pleasant scent.

Esh wood

The common ash is a tree species native to Europe which, with a growth height of up to about 40 metres, is one of the highest deciduous trees in Europe. It belongs to the olive family. The grain of the wood is striking and coarsely porous. Whether painted or in nature, this grain catches the eye. We therefore like to use this wood for modern carvings.

Oak wood

This deciduous tree comes from the beech family. As its wood is very weather resistant we use it especially for sculptures that will stand outside. It is very hard, strongly grained and has a dark grey-brown colouring.


walnut wood is considered the noblest native wood. We use it to carve modern art thanks to its dark brown colour and very expressive grain. The walnut tree was originally native to Asia and was mainly found in Persia. Via Greece it finally found its way to the Roman Empire and from there to many regions of Central Europe.

cherry wood

The cherry wood we process comes from the bird cherry, a deciduous tree up to 25 m high, which occurs in large parts of Central Europe. The sapwood of the cherry tree is yellowish-white, while the heartwood is yellowish-red to reddish-brown in colour. Therefore, this wood is very well suited for creating modern wooden figures that are not painted.

figures in lime wood and pine wood are completely carved by hand after pre-milling. Mainly larger figures from 40 centimeters are made, but also smaller figures can be carved from these woods.

However, the appearance of the wooden figures is mainly determined by the corresponding versions.

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